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Work Smarter,

Not Harder.

Efficient, reliable & cost effective support for small business owners.


Someone who helps someone else do a job

VIRTUAL [adjective]

Can be done or seen using a computer

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Why Consider a VA for your Business

Free up your time to allow more focus on revenue generating work

No long term business commitment, use as little or as often as you need

Get the dedicated support without the additional expenses of payroll, pension contributions, holiday pay...


Be part of the growing community of business leaders already delegating to a VA

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With a variety of transparent pricing options there will be no surprises. You will be provided with a quote before any work is carried out and advised should there be any changes along the way.

Neptune Virtual Assistant

Compared to a full-time employee, a virtual assistant can save you up to 78% on operating costs each year [1]

What is Neptune VA

Neptune VA is your online PA and is a one stop shop for small business owners freeing up some of those hours spent on jobs that not only could, but should be outsourced.

An overview of some of the jobs you could outsource can be seen on the Services page however, please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements. If the task falls outside of my remit I can assist in teaming you up with a suitable professional.

With no tie in or regular commitment required, I can work on one-off projects or reliably carry out recurring weekly / monthly / quarterly jobs within your business.