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Neptune Virtual Assistant
Neptune Virtual Assistant

Neptune VA was born out of my desire to help businesses streamline their processes, create better business efficiency and ultimately allow business owners to focus on their front line revenue generating work in their chosen industry.

I am a detail-oriented and diligent worker who puts emphasis on efficient working practices therefore remaining a cost effective solution for clients. For some I may be able to take a specific one-off project off your hands without the need for adding someone new to the payroll, for others I may be able to take the multiple small, recurring tasks that mount up and deliver these for you on a regular basis. Should you be a sole worker and need a well deserved break a reliable VA may be an excellent way to enjoy some time off in the knowledge that your business is covered, your clients are kept updated and no potential new business opportunities are missed.

A virtual assistant may be a new concept to some businesses and I am happy to help guide you through onboarding with a VA for the first time or becoming another arm for your business should you already use a VA. I would welcome an exploratory discussion if it is something you are considering, this gives you an opportunity to ask anything you would like and is also a great opportunity for me to ask plenty of questions about your business too!

My professional background is varied, I have in depth knowledge of a number of business sectors with technology and financial services being the industries my previous employment has been in. Personally, I'm a creative person with a passion for design, I do try to tie this into my work where I can specifically on small scale web or marketing projects (such as my own business material!).

Whilst I am happy to discuss all of your business requirements, I will always be honest and guide you if I feel I am not the right person for a specific task - I will never over promise and under deliver!

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